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Lately I've been working on projects for local businesses, web sites made in joomla and wordpress. I really enjoy adapting the image of a company to a website.
I have my office away from home, and that gives me discipline. I am my own boss and was the only way to stay focused on the job, no matter what I do.
I tried on several occasions to work from home, but there are too many distractions, so having my own space gives me the balance I need.

My intention joining to the Toptal Freelance CSS Designers Group is to reinforce my current activities with projects TOPTAL can offer, and have more professional development opportunities, have more productive relationships intellectual and cultural level. I have always believed that variety is the spice. And of course make good money.

A good friend recommended me, he has long worked in toptal and relied heavily on his judgment, as we have similar tastes.

Try to enroll in Toptal one year ago as a developer, but I was involved in various projects and had to rest. A few days ago I contacted one of the community leaders inviting me to return. The he suggested I could do as a designer, css and light Front end development.
In addition he indicated that there were many projects for wordpress.
I hope to find projects that match my skills.

So, I am willing to work and learn.

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